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LCH 膠原蛋白 ‎純100%深海魚
Japanese lady top preferred Low heat, good absorption Every day a spoon from the inside out complete care
LCH HATA lactobacillus
LCH lactobacillus acid is imported from Japan.  American FDA certification and lactobacillus multinational patent. Its features are as follows: 1 of superior strains of viable cells (C strain) and effective bacteria. 2.resistant bile acid test by inflammation. 3 low-calorie

About Us

1) LCH Lactobacillus is well-known LCH Japanese brand.
2) LCH lactic acid bacteria with the United States FDA certification, more than 24 strains of patent certification
3) more than 24 countries and through the SGS strict test LCH lactic acid bacteria.
4) throughout the 30-year R & D in Japan, from Japan's Sansei pharmaceutical manufacturers manufacturing,
Careful attention to every detail, so that the whole family to eat safe and quality powder meticulous, the entrance that is.
Deeply loved by artists and the public, the maintenance of the body as long as a bag a day,
Health with the go, taste like Yakult more, the entrance is good taste.
5) children, pregnant women Mommy, nursing mother can eat.


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